SEAN.FM has been immersed in his sadhana (The term "sādhanā" means spiritual exertion towards an intended goal.)  His devotion to the awakening of the human spirit for over 20 years has led him to the truth that we are all one.  His lifelong study of self-help, self-motivation and self-realization has driven him deeper into the spiritual example that he embodies today.  He offers numerous mediums for carrying out his passionate message of conscious interdependence.  His work in Life Coaching, Singer/Songwriter, Spoken Word Artist, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Bhakti (devotional) Yoga has revealed this truth.

SEAN.FM’s message of peace and unity through action offers a simple way of living.  He lives his sadhana, with compassion, ethics and values as the key principals in his message.  Alignment with these ethics helps him to inspire his family and global community to reach their spiritual potential.

He shares his art to remind the universe and himself that he stands for something.  One could call it self-empowerment, courage, or even inner strength.  However, a step deeper, one could say it is the will to overcome life’s conditioning and it’s karmic ties.  There are infinite ways one could perceive this message.  He invites you to sit quietly and breath this universal concept into your heart. If it resonates, keep it, if not, breath it out and move on.

SEAN.FM has become a quantum activist in order to combat the global mainstream media machine.  “The knowledge that is received today, by mainstream media, belies a conditioned stress response.  Consequently, we are not taught how to cultivate the tools we need to transform our inherited dysfunction's.”  He knows amidst the brain washing and mind numbing that we receive in the news and media, we must commit and persevere together in order to redefine the limits of our own self understanding.

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