Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is This Love

Now, here is another song bringing me back to those early 90's years.  Again, Khittl comes in with the schooling...

Give Me Some Emotion

aaaaAAAAHHHH!!!!! I luuuuuuv this soooong!!!!!!!!!  When I moved to vienna in 1990 I met one of my oldest friends Georg Khittl.  Working as a Model and Dj, he started to educate me about the real Soul of Black Music.  Those were some of the greatest moments of my life!  Thank you so much Georg!!!!  Miss you Bro!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011: Year of the Rabbit.

The rabbit has two main sides to it.  1. fearful, shy, chaos. and 2. family and harmony.  For most people, the more we concentrate on what is going on in the bigger world instead of our own world, the more we are prone to choose number one.  This is really going to be difficult because it seems that things are going to get really out of hand by the end of this year.  This is a very important time to get our houses in order and concentrate on the most important things in our immediate lives and in our selves.

Do our relationships reflect what we want in our lives?  Have we implemented the necessary boundaries to keep unhealthy people out of our lives and important people in our lives?  These are some of the questions we should be asking ourselves instead of being swept away with the financial crisis and political chaos.  It is easy to see the fear machine growing day by day.  The only way to remain strong in the face of that pressure is to take control of our focus.  If we are focusing our attention on something, it is giving it life.  If we remove our focus from something, it will die; just like if we stop watering a plant, it will die.

These seem like very logical concepts but it is amazing how many people are unable and unaware of these core issues.  So, let’s use this year to help ourselves, thereby helping each other out in these times of uncertainty.  Contrary to what we hear in the news, people are getting stronger and waking up.  We are getting organized and using technology to our advantage.  Let’s make this year our most productive yet and let the energy of GRATEFUL ring through our hearts.

Happy New Year!!!