Sunday, November 14, 2010


frequency.  embodiment of things.  all things.  every-thing.  every tunnel of light illuminating the darkness that is always there.  sensitivity becomes blind because of despair.  and now, as so many are deeply scared, they turn to hope for a breath of fresh air because they know sadness intimately but not enough to repair their yearning for love.  but love is here.  it is the frequency next to us, behind us, above us, all around.   it is inside of fear, surrounds tears, even though our hearts are numb and minds distracted.  emotions, flow through us, latch on to our weaknesses, cling to our strengths but only we have the power to own them. instead, we create walls, barriers, divisions, protection, truths to create distance so that we can have the illusion that we are safe.  yes, safe, at least some of us, well, maybe even most of us.  safe from feeling, from hearing, from listening to that voice echoing in frequency.  it’s language is in a tongue of some distant relative, swahili, sanskrit, thought, as in aboriginal, as in clairaudience.  still, we are more than thought. we are vibration, energy, light. we are frequency and if you don’t believe me, belief has nothing to do with it.

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