Monday, September 13, 2010


I heard this story about music and rhyme
Causing waves of emotions far beyond time
Where the me and the presence that be
Freed bodies imprisoned by desire.
But then came the fire
Burning with lust
Of cheating the neighbor's trust
And manipulating the mind
Forcing sacrifices,
Stealing lives for its own.
It was then no longer possible to tune into the drone
And the depths of its infirmary
Humming through eternity.
The tide was so high it took without consent
While any attempt to retrieve the love line was forced to define
Something beyond time.
And while beyond time used to sound like
Climb the vine
What’s yours is mine
Living divine.
It became a mystery to find
Through the chore of quieting the mind.
Then one day I heard this musician play songs of a different design.
It was like secret signs
That opened blinds to reveal new intentions.
There were even different dimensions
That could be accessed without apprehension
Creating more energy than any invention ever could.
So, right there as I stood
On the street
My feet moved to the groove of the rhythmic mood he was playing
While the words he kept saying became so contagious
That people from all ages
Started chanting to the sound
While dancing all around
And I knew that what I had found
Was like a spiral winding round the core of what we used to be.
Only then did it occur to me
That right there
Before my eyes
I had witnessed the disguise
Of rhyme,
Its connection to divine
And the effect that it has on
Something beyond time.