Monday, July 12, 2010


I swim the sea,
Feel its depths as I breathe,
Tell myself it is Me
Not another rendition that I see.
I, walk in three's,
Me, Myself and He
And because I know what it means to be
I inhale your breathe so that i can reflect its shadow through my smile.
I can feel the distance withering between us
Vibrations of venus circumventing concepts of time.
Rhythm divine is part and parcel of a continuous groove
Keeping our heartbeats aligned.
So, let's experiment with reality,
Engaged in the depths of heart's core
And delve into pages of earnest serenades while singing those pages into existence.

May I walk with you as we redefine our truths and mend all hearts that are bleeding?
Let's tend to the gardens of sensitivity;
Love, divinity and family
Cultivating food for Our spirits
While repeating the beat with lyrics.
Let's vanquish insanity
Grab a hold of vanity
And whisper it into an eternal sleep.
In this dimension it is peace that we seek
Why not magnify our hearts with play?
We know there are other ways
But fight with resistance of trusting intuition 

Hanging on to only that we can see
So, follow she
Into the unknown and the seeds that have been sown
Because turning ourselves around is not expecting to see the power

Of we
Therefore I turn to me
The sea of suppleness
Freed from subtleness
And fly through the storm of forgotten ideals
As I question all the answers and maybe darken up the day
But at least I will come away with something real
Since, feel is a state of perfection
Then deal is the motto in its shadow screaming
Steal a glimpse of real
If it must be

But be all there is to be
So that we are not mistaken!

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