Friday, July 30, 2010


We breed and bleed
Inside the seeds of our pain
Taste greed without gain
Tie our tongues
Live for fun while shooting guns.
We, blame
Stand in the road
Carry the load
As we stumble through the flower garden.
And now since time rewinds our backs to the wall
We are confronted with darkness and complexity.
To do or die
Or find out why
We're disgraced with scars of dependence.

So full of the poor
Settled down for distortion of values.
Sweet caress pacifies
Destiny tells us lies
While self-indulgence cultivates self-righteousness.

So, here we stand
With need in the hand
Our blood in the sand
Forcing something we call patience.
Creating clans
Demanding results
Through pressure and molestation.
Look around for the sound of the banks getting down
Breeding fools
Schooling expectation
When we are the ones with the stick in the hand beating the drum of creation.

So, where for art thou?
You, in the mirror
Improving the slaying of your intentions?
Attempts at encouragement searching the rain.
Only then do we complain of the misery and pain.
Only then do we see that our hearts are in chains.
We have been fools
Believe we are tools
Therefore abuse one another.

What is it we need?
Have we planted that seed
Or the insight to be manifested?

Breathe into the solitude of reinventing your plan
And the reason for the suffering or the need of it.
Sing the song of acceptance
And define your intentions
Cause we are the ones with the stick in the hand
Beating the drum of creation.

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