Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jesus: The Story of Enlightenment

Deepak Chopra is such a tremendous light on this planet.  I can not begin to expalin how important his work is to me.  GREAT, great video here!!

btw, I read excerpts of this book already and I recommend it.  It is well written and a very easy read.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I LOOOOOVE this song!!!!!!! aaaaAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  This is what I call dance music peoples...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Advertising World and the Human Ego

Very informative video about how advertising rules our lives, our minds and our livelihood.  The quality of this video is pretty bad but the information in it is truly worth it.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Howard Zinn

If there were anyone that I would have truly enjoyed meeting it would have been Howard Zinn.  This man embodied such a humility and wisdom that I think he reached the greatest heights a person could possibly become - considering our collective state of consciousness.  A true hero without equivocation.  I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I do.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Manfred Max-Neef and Derrick Jensen

TREMENDOUS interviews with Manfred Max-Neef and Derrick Jensen.  A MUST SEE!!

Democracy Now speaks with the acclaimed Chilean economist, Manfred Max-Neef. He won the Right Livelihood Award in 1983, two years after the publication of his book Outside Looking In: Experiences in Barefoot Economics. "Economists study and analyze poverty in their nice offices, have all the statistics, make all the models, and are convinced that they know everything that you can know about poverty. But they don’t understand poverty," Max-Neef says.

Democracy Now speaks with Derrick Jensen, who has been called the poet-philosopher of the ecological movement. He has written some 15 books critiquing contemporary society and the destruction of the environment. His many books include A Language Older than Words, Endgame, What We Left Behind, Resistance against Empire, and Deep Green Resistance. "I think a lot of us are increasingly recognizing that the dominant culture is killing the planet," Jensen says. "I think it’s very important for us to start to build a culture of resistance, because what we’re doing isn’t working, clearly."

The Earth Song

One of Michael Jackson's best songs.  What can I say, I get chills every time I listen to it...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sigur Rós

A very special person introduced me to this band and I have been mesmerized every since.  Their music is so ethereal that when you listen to it you can literally imagine what angels would sound like if they played rock music.  Thank you Sameer for the gift of this pure inspiration!!

Oh, and btw, this video is incredible!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Ok, conspiracy theory freaks, here is one for you.  In fact, this movie is so amazing that I have literally watched it over 30 times.  If you are interested in questioning things as they appear, check this movie out.  It will expand all kinds of limitations in your mind.  One thing though, do not try and mess with the IRS.  What is the quote? “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s...
Zeitgeist: The Movie - 2007 by Peter Joseph from ZeitgeistMovie.com on Vimeo.

The White Stripes

This is my favorite song from The White Stripes.  It just goes to show you that simplicity is damn powerful.  I saw them live in vienna waaay back some 10 years ago or so and thought, WTF??  are they crazy or what?!  Now I understand...  What can I say, I'm pretty slow sometimes...

The Girl Effect

Here is an AMAZING video about taking matters into our own hands.  In this overwhelming situation we find the world (and ourselves) in, I think the difficulty we are faced with is that there are so many movements and so much to give to that we are all starting to feel helpless (not to mention all the scam artists using the money they get to finance their own high profile lives).  So, more than anything, I am posting this video as an inspiration to come up with new ideas that affect the little world that each one of us lives in.  ENJOY...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Buffy Sainte-Marie

If none of you knows of Buffy Sainte-Marie it wouldn't surprise me.  I didn't discover her myself until this year.   Jewels like her have been forced waaay underground.  So I've taken the liberty to post my favorite song of hers.  Did you know that she co- wrote the song "Up Where We Belong"?  Well, I hope you enjoy this raw but poignant video as much as I do.


frequency.  embodiment of things.  all things.  every-thing.  every tunnel of light illuminating the darkness that is always there.  sensitivity becomes blind because of despair.  and now, as so many are deeply scared, they turn to hope for a breath of fresh air because they know sadness intimately but not enough to repair their yearning for love.  but love is here.  it is the frequency next to us, behind us, above us, all around.   it is inside of fear, surrounds tears, even though our hearts are numb and minds distracted.  emotions, flow through us, latch on to our weaknesses, cling to our strengths but only we have the power to own them. instead, we create walls, barriers, divisions, protection, truths to create distance so that we can have the illusion that we are safe.  yes, safe, at least some of us, well, maybe even most of us.  safe from feeling, from hearing, from listening to that voice echoing in frequency.  it’s language is in a tongue of some distant relative, swahili, sanskrit, thought, as in aboriginal, as in clairaudience.  still, we are more than thought. we are vibration, energy, light. we are frequency and if you don’t believe me, belief has nothing to do with it.

Monday, September 13, 2010


I heard this story about music and rhyme
Causing waves of emotions far beyond time
Where the me and the presence that be
Freed bodies imprisoned by desire.
But then came the fire
Burning with lust
Of cheating the neighbor's trust
And manipulating the mind
Forcing sacrifices,
Stealing lives for its own.
It was then no longer possible to tune into the drone
And the depths of its infirmary
Humming through eternity.
The tide was so high it took without consent
While any attempt to retrieve the love line was forced to define
Something beyond time.
And while beyond time used to sound like
Climb the vine
What’s yours is mine
Living divine.
It became a mystery to find
Through the chore of quieting the mind.
Then one day I heard this musician play songs of a different design.
It was like secret signs
That opened blinds to reveal new intentions.
There were even different dimensions
That could be accessed without apprehension
Creating more energy than any invention ever could.
So, right there as I stood
On the street
My feet moved to the groove of the rhythmic mood he was playing
While the words he kept saying became so contagious
That people from all ages
Started chanting to the sound
While dancing all around
And I knew that what I had found
Was like a spiral winding round the core of what we used to be.
Only then did it occur to me
That right there
Before my eyes
I had witnessed the disguise
Of rhyme,
Its connection to divine
And the effect that it has on
Something beyond time.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Your nose
That sweet little nose
That squishy little bunny baby nose
Wrapped in a frame of eternal sunshine
Lighting my days
Like beacons of inspiration
Freeing my soul to fly
Fly like ive never flown before
With you in my heart I soar
Through trees
Above sunsets over willow fields
Touching the blades of grass with my toes
And I think again of your nose
That sweet little nose
That squishy little bunny booboo nose
That point on your face
Reeling me in
Fulfilling my day
Soothing the doubts
Quieting the anxiety
Calming my mind
And I hold onto it
That eternal sunshine
That light in your eyes
That sun in your heart
As it caresses the shadows of my spirit…

Friday, July 30, 2010


We breed and bleed
Inside the seeds of our pain
Taste greed without gain
Tie our tongues
Live for fun while shooting guns.
We, blame
Stand in the road
Carry the load
As we stumble through the flower garden.
And now since time rewinds our backs to the wall
We are confronted with darkness and complexity.
To do or die
Or find out why
We're disgraced with scars of dependence.

So full of the poor
Settled down for distortion of values.
Sweet caress pacifies
Destiny tells us lies
While self-indulgence cultivates self-righteousness.

So, here we stand
With need in the hand
Our blood in the sand
Forcing something we call patience.
Creating clans
Demanding results
Through pressure and molestation.
Look around for the sound of the banks getting down
Breeding fools
Schooling expectation
When we are the ones with the stick in the hand beating the drum of creation.

So, where for art thou?
You, in the mirror
Improving the slaying of your intentions?
Attempts at encouragement searching the rain.
Only then do we complain of the misery and pain.
Only then do we see that our hearts are in chains.
We have been fools
Believe we are tools
Therefore abuse one another.

What is it we need?
Have we planted that seed
Or the insight to be manifested?

Breathe into the solitude of reinventing your plan
And the reason for the suffering or the need of it.
Sing the song of acceptance
And define your intentions
Cause we are the ones with the stick in the hand
Beating the drum of creation.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Back in the days when we were stars
Our rays shined with perspective.
Yes, we were protective showing the way through the dark
But now we need an ark to rock our bodies to rest
From the pains of the worlds tests.
To be or not to be used to be enough
But we have fallen far from that tree.
Should we trace our hopes to turn things around
While desperation lies to make false compromises?
Or should we take a moment to see that he is part of me
And that maybe she is the key
To replacing the cries retracing the why’s
Separation and I have become one?
Silence will only come when we tune into our loneliness instead of pushing it aside
It’s the quintessential guide to embrace even more in ourselves.
So, will you delve with me deep into the night to turn back on the light
Although it might be too bright for us to see?
Can I help you weave and intricate web connecting the opposite poles
Therefore reversing our roles from consumers back to producers
As we re-examine our goals?
Let us spread wings to the flight of internal passageways
To breed quiet days and recharge the evolution of our souls.
Otherwise, there’s the toll of patriarchal control
And its guidance forcing unnatural silence.
And with violence as a voice,
We have all made the choice of saying yes to the death of our daughters.
The slaughter isn’t done, it’s only shifting its sights
Until we are the ones caught in our own consummation.
Welcome to the mass graves of our so-called civilized nations.
In this corner we have the blacks,
Over there are the Jews,
Right below the pile of shoes of the Serbs we’ve massacred too.
To the left are the Shiites and in front are the Kurds,
When you think about it,
Isn't it embarrassing that there is still someone new to kill?
All in the name of peace
Or is it our piece of the world we need to satisfy greed?
Shame on me is the song we should be singing
Why aren’t our hearts building a connection to our selves
On the back part of the shelves?
When we open up we will find that we are sick with diseases implanted for reasons.
So let’s concentrate on dealing to replace the feeling of being lost in this world we’ve designed.
One kind we find when we finally unwind
Separation from human divine.

Monday, July 12, 2010


I swim the sea,
Feel its depths as I breathe,
Tell myself it is Me
Not another rendition that I see.
I, walk in three's,
Me, Myself and He
And because I know what it means to be
I inhale your breathe so that i can reflect its shadow through my smile.
I can feel the distance withering between us
Vibrations of venus circumventing concepts of time.
Rhythm divine is part and parcel of a continuous groove
Keeping our heartbeats aligned.
So, let's experiment with reality,
Engaged in the depths of heart's core
And delve into pages of earnest serenades while singing those pages into existence.

May I walk with you as we redefine our truths and mend all hearts that are bleeding?
Let's tend to the gardens of sensitivity;
Love, divinity and family
Cultivating food for Our spirits
While repeating the beat with lyrics.
Let's vanquish insanity
Grab a hold of vanity
And whisper it into an eternal sleep.
In this dimension it is peace that we seek
Why not magnify our hearts with play?
We know there are other ways
But fight with resistance of trusting intuition 

Hanging on to only that we can see
So, follow she
Into the unknown and the seeds that have been sown
Because turning ourselves around is not expecting to see the power

Of we
Therefore I turn to me
The sea of suppleness
Freed from subtleness
And fly through the storm of forgotten ideals
As I question all the answers and maybe darken up the day
But at least I will come away with something real
Since, feel is a state of perfection
Then deal is the motto in its shadow screaming
Steal a glimpse of real
If it must be

But be all there is to be
So that we are not mistaken!